Boostr – Digitally enabling insurance field agents

February 24, 2022
A New ID Upload Experience
September 13, 2020

The Process

Typically my process includes doing some discovery in the form of some kind of benchmarking exercise and maybe a competitor analysis, this largely depends on the stage I find the project on. Boostr had a bit of a difference in that they had done all the legwork, they only required the services of a UI designer (Me), I did however gather a moodboard of sorts to help inform some of the design choices I'd be bring in


Lessons learned

Time sensitive projects require creativity to be applied in different phases and activities of the project, whereas typically in a UI project a designer may be able to bring in some fresh ideas and an approach to the actual UI design, on projects where time is limited, the creativity can be applied places like how business requirements are interpreted, or how to make use of reusable components to make the UI more predictable.


Impact of the project

The organisation that commissioned me to this project was helping a start up that has the hopes of servicing and underserved sector of the economy and by releasing this POC, they were able to validate the fundamental concept behind their business and could secure a second round of funding.


Reflections on my experiences

I've always designed websites for people, perhaps and some other design work too, I've never really sat down and taken time to execute the same level of work for myself, this was really taxing, because nothing could ever be good enough or perfect to the extent of my wants.



I'd like to acknowledge all my friends who used their hard-earned money to preview links I sent them & my design dissenters