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  • A Personal Brand – Mlu Manda A User Interface Designer

    Personal branding, if done by self is awkward and also feels a tabi bit conceited, but I managed to get over myself and put together a logo mark for myself, find out how I did it
  • Mlu Manda – Portfolio

    Personal projects are difficult to execute because of bias, find out how I managed to pull this design task off
  • A New Website For Mercatique Consulting

    Mercatique Consulting wanted to revamp their website in a way that would allow them to add content without on-screen editors. I created a website using a WordPress base, added some magic and managed to exceed their expectations.
  • How Might We Reshape The South African Asset Management Industry?

    Peo Risk Management approached me to develop a website that would appeal to their clientele. I crafted a simple yet effective solution that relayed all the necessary information in a bite-size, easy to understand manner.